Tenants | Why Choose Zed Lettings To Find Your Ideal Property To Rent?

Zed Lettings are waiting to find you a property to rent that interests you in the area you are looking for. We offer flexible viewing times so if you can only view after work or at lunchtimes, for example, then we can arrange the viewing to suit you - even at weekends (subject to staffing).

If you have not rented a property before, then Zed Lettings can guide you easily through the whole process.

If you have rented before then you will know that tenants are expected to look after their rented property with care and consideration. Your landlord will have spent a considerable amount of money in preparing the property for rent and it is expected you will keep up their standards. We recommend that all our tenants take out insurance cover for landlord's fixtures and fittings, this means you are never faced with a big bill for any accidental damage that may occur.

We take our duty of care to our tenants as seriously as we do to our landlords. To this end, we have fully documented procedures in place for the property rental process from start to finish - including documented complaints handling processes should you ever need it. On commencement of your tenancy we can provide you with a copy of our detailed inventory, with photographs - this ensures complete transparency of your tenancy agreement and condition on entry, and avoids any dispute at the termination of the tenancy, enabling your deposit to be returned to you in a fair manner and in accordance with the terms of the lease and Deposit Protection Legislation currently in force at that time.

To walk-through the simple tenancy application process you can expect with Zed Lettings, please see our Tenants - Rental Process page.

Don't despair if there isn't a property suited to your exact needs available right now, just contact us and we will add you to our 'tenants waiting' database, and we'll notify you straight away when something suitable becomes available.